Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

Super Seat Covers and Other Accessories

  • Four Benefits Of Airbag System Installation

    Airbags are some of the most important safety features of your vehicle. The can help you survive a car accident and reduce your chances of serious injury or death. The airbag system is designed to deploy if you're in an accident. This can happen when you're rear-ended or if you have a head-on collision. The force of the impact triggers the airbags, which inflate to cushion your body from hitting hard surfaces inside the vehicle.

  • Three Types of High-Quality Car Tweeters

    Research shows that Australians spend an average of 48 minutes daily commuting to and from work, which translates to 216 hours a year. If you are going to spend this much time in your car, you might as well enjoy it. Car audio systems make it possible because you get to listen to your favourite jams, podcast or radio show while stuck in peak-hours traffic. However, the sound quality coming from your car's audio system partly depends on how you accessorise the system.

  • Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Plant Trailer

    Plant trailers are indispensable when it comes to hauling massive loads. They are perfect for moving heavy-duty equipment like excavators and farm equipment. However, given the many different transportation needs, plant trailers are often configured differently to suit diverse needs. They come in different types, sizes, and models. Therefore, if you are in the market for one, you will need to consider some factors to find one that best suits your needs.

  • 3 Must-Know Tips for Reinstalling Moulded Car Carpets

    For car enthusiasts, nothing smells better than the interior of a brand-new vehicle. However, the fresh scent does not last forever if you think about all the mud, water, and spills that eventually end up on your car's carpet. Before long, your new car's interior begins to smell funny, and no amount of vacuuming or air freshener can help. Over time, the "new car" smell ultimately fades away unless you remove the carpeting entirely and give it a thorough wash.

  • Why You May Need to Replace Your Vehicle's Upper Control Arms

    The suspension system on a modern car consists of many different components, but all are designed to help make the vehicle easier to control and more pleasant to drive. Some of these parts are under more strain than others and the control arms, in particular, need to ensure that the wheel hub assembly remains fixed to the vehicle. How do these arms work, what will cause them to wear out and why should you pay close attention to them?

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    Hello, my name is Tina and I live in Syndey, Australia. I have always loved cars. The one thing I love more than driving my car up and down the streets and highways of the city is to spend time accessorising them. A lot of cars look very similar when they first roll off the lot, but by buying some sheepskin seat covers, a fluffy dice for the rear view mirror and some decal stickers you can make even the most boring looking car look exciting. I decided to start this blog to advise others who want to add things to their cars.